Spies In Disguise - Chapter Four
Spies In Disguise - Chapter Four spies in disguise stories

alesbianpotato Most evil is good that wasn’t saved.
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I'm sorry this is short, but I have a good plot for the next chapter.

Spies In Disguise - Chapter Four

Voir slammed the fridge door, opening a can of soda. She sat down next to Thorn, chugging her drink. “The hell ya lookin’ at?” She growled. He shrugged and just scrolled through his phone. Voir smirked. “I’m Voir. What does a lady like me have to do to get your name?” She asked seductively. Thorn glared at her. “Shut up. I’m gay, dumbass.”

Voir blushed. “I-I didn’t-Well, I didn’t mean to-I’m sorry-” He snorted and got up, walking away from her. Elliot and Elm came in a few minutes later. They sat down at a table, Elm holding a needle and thread. “Your first lesson,” He started in a joyful voice. “Is how to kill someone with this. It’s simple: You wrap the thread around the needle and slit their throat. Understand?”

“Let’s try it out!” Elm said in a cheerful voice, yanking the string and wrapping it around the needle. “Best out of three?” Elliot smirked. “Better, best out of five.” Elm let out a little laugh and lunged at him. “I like you! I can tell we’re gonna get along just fine.” Voir slammed down her hair and glared at them. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS IN THE CAFETERIA?"

She slumped in her seat when Elm gave her a look. "Your surroundings are important," He growled. "Most places are crowded or full, so this is the perfect place for it." "Can you not-" She started before he threw a tack at her. She shrieked and fell off her chair. "THAT HURT! SECURITY, GET IN HERE! THERE'S A PSYCHO IN THIS-" Elm kicked her in the groin and giggled. "Shut up."

"Should we go to the training room?" Elliot asked, looking uncomfortable. Elm gave him a slightly cocky grin. "Why not? I'm really good with my hands, so I think I'll give you a hard time~" Voir covered her ears and whined. "Can you noooooot?" They shrugged and left, leaving Voir to sulk more. Elizabeth came into the room, wearing a gray dress and a magenta shirt.

"You're a Karen," She mumbled, sitting down next to her. Voir sighed. "Not my fault." Elizabeth snorted. "Oh, shut up. It's not my fault you're so high and mighty. Just because your parent's are Glacier members, doesn't give you title of queen of the castle." Voir blushed and looked away. "S-shut up, dumb ho-" A large beeping broke their argument. A alarm was blaring.

"This can't be good..."

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