Love, Friends, ​and Light
Love, Friends, ​and Light


alengale My Imagination is my Best Friend.
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A guy who has always been in the shadows is brought into the light of the world by one girl and a club

Love, Friends, ​and Light


"Beep Beep." The alarm rang. The same tune I had set it to back till when I can remember. Well, it was normal.

Even though my brain told my body that I'd be late to school, it wasn't ready to respond to my commands. Not until I remembered that I had forgotten to do my assignment.

That was what I needed. My whole body jumped off the bed but my brain couldn't keep up. When it finally did, I realized it was too late to complete the assignment.

So, like any other normal morning, I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom with the brush in my hand and my mind in the class, Imagining the possibilities of punishment by my teacher, Mr.

Axon. I sighed as I put my brush into my mouth. A normal boy, if hated by Mr. Axon and forgot his homework, he'd be trembling and thinking up excuses. But I wasn't in the least bit.

What worried me was not the punishment. It was the loud huge too-ranty-for-its-size mouth and its contents.

I felt like I could lose control one of these days and beat the living daylights out of that ogre. After fantasizing about how I could make him beg for mercy, i reached class.

As usual, I took one of the 'Strong Pillars' situated at the backward section of the class. Thankfully teachers weren't allowed the question the seats that students took.

If not for that I would've been a living corpse in the front row with Mr. Axon's face wherever I look. There was one extra seat in the class. And it was right beside me.

Everybody were busy talking and stuff with their friends. But, to be, this half an hour in the morning was the reasons I could preserve my sanity for so long.

You could call this my healing time.

The stabilizing force was the class rep Rachel, the girl who'd stolen my heart and kept it with her all the way from elementary through middle till high school today.

All the time, the empty seat beside me, and my lack of presence combined with my status of having zero friends gave me a perfect watching spot to view her dazzlingly bright face.

It was during these times I thought I was in heaven

But still ... I didn't know why... I've always had a little presence in the class room... As if someone admired me. From far away close by. I wondered why.

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