Love, Friends and Light
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alengale My Imagination is my Best Friend.
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A guy who always has been alone is brought into the light of the world by his best friend and a club.

Love, Friends and Light

Chapter- 1 The New Student

Mr. Axon burst through the front door as we stood to greet him. Instead of bad mouthing me like usual, he said "We have a new student boys and girls, she will be joining us as of today.

A girl who looked like a model walked in. "Aw yeah! It's another knockout this year!" Whispered the boys. The girl cleared her throat "Greetings everyone, I'm Noelle Harumi.

My hobbies are shopping and fashion. I look forward to this year." She said with a smile. For a moment, just for a moment, I thought she was as cute as Rachel.

"Well, now that you've introduced yourself, you may take your seat." Said Me Axon.

Great. Now the class was going to be louder and more annoying than usual and even Rachel would be busy introducing herself. Man, this was worse than Mr. Axon's mouth

But then a really morbid reality played through in my head. There was only one extra seat in the whole class and it was right next to me. This was bad. I needed to change my place.

I got ready to ask Mr. Axon. Suddenly it occurred to me that I hadn't completed my assignment. Standing up would be stepping on a land mine. Dammit! I had been checkmated.

This day was the worst. But as she came closer I realized why the other boys were going crazy. She had pink hair that was waist long. Her skin shined like that of a baby.

Her eyes were deep blue and she had a model figure. "Why does she have to sit next to that creep" "Her year will be ruined!" Were some of the whispers going around.

All the boys had looks which said "Die" on them. Even Rachel looked at me in a pitiful manner. Wait, why me? Shouldn't it have been her? Rachel noticed me and turned her head.

I felt like a monster.

Anyway, she was getting close so I shifted to meanie looking mode. "Umm. I'm new to this class and you are..." she said. I knew the correct words to respond with "Hi there. I'm Jack.

The class loner. I have no friends at all, let any presence. I blend into the background very well and I'd like to keep it that way.

If you talk with me I'm sure the sky high popularity you have will come crashing down. So avoid contact in any way. This was perfect. Any girl would be creeped out and WILL stay away.

I laughed to myself. Mission success... or so I thought.

Noelle burst out giggling. "Wha- what's so funny?" I said, taken aback. "No... no... it's just that you said all those things about yourself with a straight face...

and that last line 'avoid contact' was also amusing" she said laughingly. "Nice to meet you Jack, let's be best of friends." She continued. I was surprised.

"You'd want to be friends with someone like me?" I asked. "Of course, why not? You're funny, cool and honest with yourself and others..." she replied. She held out her hand.

The boys around me were basically shooting lasers now. But my heart had already melted from those kind words. So I took her hand "You can count on me." I said. She smiled lightly.

And that's how my plan failed in the most spectacular way possible...

The class went on with the center of attention being me and Noelle. Even though she looked like it, she wasn't really good at school stuff. Great.

The communication range between me and her increased for worse. "What's the answer to question 5?" She asked. "I don't know" I tried to shrug her off.

But, like she had a secret camera hidden somehow, she said "I see. Is that why you'I've reached all the way to Question 28?" Shoot. She had seen me through. So I made another excuse.

"No actually I copied the answers from the inter-" I stopped right there. She looked quiet for a moment and then smirked. Sweat rolled down my head.

If I'd tell her the truth she'd keep nagging me for answers forever! If she told Mr.

Axon I'd copied the answers from the net, that would be it! Why does it always have to come to this?! Her smirk grew larger as more sweat rolled down my cheek. She turned to Mr.

Axon "No... No... Don't do it Noelle!" I cried out in my mind. "Me. Axon!" The voice called out. This was it. I was too late. Well, I was doomed. Or so I thought.

"I do not understand how to solve question 5." She finished. What the fff...reak. "Hmm. Jack, teach her. Don't just solve it. I'll ask her and if she doesn't know, you'll get it.

" Why?! Noelle looked at me and giggled. "Your reactions are priceless!" She said, still giggling. Aaaaah! I wanted to kill this girl!

The subjects passed on somehow with Noelle nagging me for almost everything. And then finally my second healing period in the day came. But my hopes were crushed.

There were a lot of people, maybe even the entire class except Rachel crowding around Noelle.

Some were asking for her phone number some were asking for her quickgram Id, and the rest were begging her to ask me to change my place. "Once, he called Mr.

Axon a narrow minded psychopath! Another time, we saw him kicking around a dead cat like a ball!" Were some of the sweet rumors they were feeding her.

"That's mean right? Don't be fooled by his fake words!" They continued. Well, this was normal as well. Nobody knew me. So the rumors had no limit.

Suddenly, an arm out of nowhere slapped hard on my table. It was Chris Reigns, the class popularity king, loved by all girls, worshipped by all boys and rejected by Rachel.

He was one of richest students, taking the second spot. "Hey you unknown piece of crap not worth talking to, give me your place" he said. Wow this day was eventful, a new person talked to me.

I wasn't about to give up my precious balcony seat to this stuck up giraffe. I ignored him. He responded by grunting. Still ignoring.

"Are you ignoring me? Don't worry I'll teach a dog like you some discipline!" He threatened. Ok he took it too far.

"I don't know, Chris, I mean, golden crap shouldn't be mixing with normal crap right? It'll lose its shine. Oh, and the golden crap is me." I said and smirked. His expression turned ghastly.

He started laughing. Now I knew what was going to happen. He'd lighten the mood by laughing and pull a move. He laughed for a few moments more and shoved his fist.

Anticipating what would happen, I grabbed his fist and punched him right on his nose. That send him flying. But now, I'd earned myself attention. I had dissipate it.

I decided head out of the class room but the moment I turned my back on him, he saw the chance and lunged at me. Oh no. I couldn't dodge this one. But a leg out of nowhere got him on his gut.

Hard. It was Noelle.

"Dont attack people from behind. If you want to beat him, be a man about it!" She said. Oh Great. I had to leave the classroom soon before Mr. Axon appeared. I ran out.

What the hell was wrong with that girl? Didn't she fall for that wuss?" Was she not charmed by his looks? Doesn't she know she destroyed her status by hitting him?

Why did she so fulfillingly take that risk to protect me?

Setting aside all my questions about her, I went to the cafeteria and bought a cheese croissant. When I came back to class, things had settled down and people were minding their own businesses.

It was obvious to them that she wouldn't ask me. But after I had settled down, I was approached by a girl. "Hey you. Change your seat. You can have mine.

" My mouth was already taking the shape of a no. And then a realization struck me. The good kind. The BEST kind. This girl's seat was right next to Rachel's. This was my chance. My Golden chance!

That one and only instance had come! I could finally sit next to the girl I'd loved for so many years once again! I looked at Rachel. She had been looking at me.

But when she saw me, she turned back swiftly.

I felt my heart beating faster and faster! Could she have been the one who asked the other girl to change her place? No way! No way! But if it was, then...then...

Oh My God! I was flying in my mind!

"Ahem..." the girl woke me from my daydream. "You've decided?" I looked to my my side. Noelle was anxiously awaiting my answer. There was a chance to sit with my crush for the rest of the year.

And then there was a chance to sit with my first and best friend who stood up for me and protected me. I couldn't make the choice.

But even if I did sit next to Rachel I'd only ruin her social life. But she was my crush.

"I'm sorry. I'd like to sit here for now." I replied. The girl returned back to her place and shook her head negatively at Rachel. I turned to Noelle.

"Why didn't you change your seat?" I asked her. "Isn't it obvious?" She laughed. "You looked like you didn't want me to leave." I blushed uncontrollably out of embarrassment.

"Not really!" I exclaimed. "What's wrong? Your face is all red. You have a fever?" Oh crap she had noticed.

"But thanks for not going away... Jack." She whispered into my ears. "Why are you so close?" I asked her. Our faces were just centimeters away from each other's.

I turned away and said quietly "You really are dense y'know..." "Whaat? I can't hear youu!" She said mockingly. "Shut up..." I said back, as quiet as last time.

"Still can't hear you," she said again. "I said Thanks!!!" I yelled back. She started laughing again. "Your reactions are priceless!" She said, laughing.

Well, I guess this is my choice... and I'm an idiot to have chosen a nuisance over Rachel. But I didn't mind. Not in the slightest... Okay, maybe a little bit


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