Little Bird
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alekthepoet Some guy who thinks he can write poetry
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Little Bird

With darkness closing in, I repent my worst sins. A tinge of guilt in my heart as my soul starts to backpedal, and swim back to shore, as the rebel in me gilds

his sharp crown of thorns. A bird sits on the windowsill where a blood stain still remains. The bird hides from the rain, a painful sight to see indeed. I cough again, and needles

rip through my throat. A test of faith, I think. The bird flutters little wet wings and sings a song of gratitude. "Adieu! Adieu!" I want to sing,

"to all you whores I want to wring." "And all you boars," filled with scorn, "back to hell, from where I was born!" But no audience is near, I fear,

except for this bird here, that I hear through the thin wet glass in the back of this house that my great-great- grandfather once built.

Sitting on my windowsill, the bird stops its song of gratitude. I sit to watch a new attitude as it hangs its head low. My bloodshot sunken eyes struggle

to stay awake and not be swallowed. I take a long blink as my tired cold hand rests on my cheek. The bird is not hurt or afraid, not in any way. It just waits and waits, staying

'till the storm passes away. Its blinks slow and steady, its head at rest and ready, and its patience is beautiful, powerful, glorious, serene.

That's it. Glorious. Oh, how I wish I was as glorious as you, you little bird you.

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