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alekthepoetSome guy who thinks he can write poetry
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Can you feel?

You're sitting at the beach, The waves tickling your feet As you cry and tremble and weep. You've suffered before, but not Like this, this back and forth Ripping and pounding at your

Chest, as the rest of the world, The sea, the seagulls, the fuzzy White furls of the ships in the Distance, the wood of the pier Cracking, the people on the Pier smiling and laughing, All of it swims around you

As you struggle to breathe. Jack came over earlier and Told you "We've been through Since last June, we just didn't Have the guts to admit it To each other." You wish you

Had a bottle of wine in your hand. You wish some prince or even Some homely fella', with a Star Trek shirt and a slightly Unkempt beard and a goofy Chuckle would come across

You and offer to hug you, With that slight stench of beer a Welcoming sign that he might Invite you to have some more. Anything but another Jack. Anything but Jack. Jack had been

A prize, a gift, a jewel. Jack had filled your time And space, and the history is Playing over and over in your Head, and you're trying to erase The asterisk next to each scene

And clip in this tangled up And knotted movie. Jack wanted You. Jack wanted you and you Still want him, and you wish You could have felt him when You had the chance. Felt

His soul when he stood up For what he believed in, Felt his tears when he cried His heart out, felt his trembling Hands in yours when he Said his first "I love you," Felt his scar from the car

Accident that he said you Helped him get through, felt His warm body against you And inside you and his hot Breath and kisses on your lips As your hips wrestled, felt his Pain that he was ashamed of

But felt brave enough to Share it with you. All of it. You wish you could have felt Him when you had the chance. But you didn't, because you Couldn't, and eventually he Felt that same way about you.

You couldn't feel him when You were there. You were there, But you weren't really there. And now you're waiting for The tide to kick in, with Images of being taken in

Slithering in and out of Your imagination. You want To shout out loud but you Don't want anyone to look, And you try to squeeze Your ears together so You don't have to hear,

Though you only end up Hearing more, and you Close your eyes tightly so You don't have to see, Though you only see more. In your core you're burning up, And waves of tears keep

Oscillating from within you. There's nothing more for you. This is you and who you Are. How could you ever love Someone if you could never Really feel them? How would You ever let them love you

If you will never let them Feel you? Feel your pain When your steel container Of a heart cracks and They can see all the shame that You've buried and held in there, Feel your fingernails running

Through their hair and up And down their back as They feel you tighten and implode With them, feel the scars on Your arms from all the harm You've put yourself through,

Feel your trembling body In the cold and hug and kiss And love you back to health, Feel when you need to cry but That old voice screams at You to hold it in because You can't let anyone in through

That door, feel you when you Stand up and say you Have to go when really You want to stay but you Need to go. Need to go To the beach and sit in A heap of sand until the

Tide washes you away. Takes you away from this Place and all it wants To take from you. And then A homely dude with a Star Wars shirt and Unkempt hair asks "Hey,

Are you okay over there?" "Yes, yes, I'm fine," you Reply. "You sure?" "Yes, I'm sure, I'm fine. Just had A bad day. Thanks, though, By the way." "Sure, no prob. Have a goodnight. Hope you

Feel better." "Thanks. Goodnight." And you get up and leave, Walking to your car, wiping Sand off your hands and Your butt and legs, and Start the car. You head

For home. You have to pick Up your clothes from the Cleaners tomorrow.

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