Building you up in my mind
Building you up in my mind stories

aleksanderkonne Community member
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Just a thought stream...

Building you up in my mind

Expectations run high.

They flash through your mind like a bright light.

You stay up awake turning through the night.

When dawn arrives.

You've barely closed your eyes.

In the sudden distant a phone cries.

A wake up call, hello to the real world.

It may seem small, but that text from that girl.

Perplexed by this new wall, it shattered my world.

Unresolved issues with her ex.

Intertwined and stated through a text.

The expected never came.

Instead some weird sense of shame.

Why had i let my mind go.

Hoped that i could end like so.

It was just a meaningless coffee date.

But when we don't even try, i guess it's never to late.

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