1. my first real heartbreak

my first real heartbreak emotions stories

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my first broken heart

1. my first real heartbreak

My baby is standing right there, In front of me. Look at those eyes, the ones I fell in love with.

I get to lay next to you, our bodies touching.

Everything makes sense now.

We sit there and talk, how our day went. You make me feel alive.

In your presence I am happy, I am confident, I am everything you see in me.

I have a problem though. Us.

We're always on patterns.

We'll meet up, then we talk and all of the sudden it stops.

I don't want to continue that.

You can see it through my eyes, this is such a disaster.

Until you opened your mouth, you said to me, "Want to see where this goes?"

Please don't make me feel delusional, but here we go again. That false hope shit.

Don't let words come out of your mouth if you don't mean it or act on it.

Actions speak louder than words.

And you lied to me. But what's worse: I still love you.

You're a shitty person with a charming personality... That's it, I lost the person I thought was good.

Give me a chance and let me move on.

Stop coming into my life out of nowhere.

You keep getting me stuck like pine tree sap.

This was toxic, thanks for letting me know that.

I will always have love for you.

I wish nothing but the best.

Just choose wiser words next time, for the next. Because she doesn't deserve to feel the stress and hurt you caused me to nest.

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