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alejaecheverry Community member
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Basically about the world we are living in right now
(my first poem)

Around us


Right now as I stand

In the middle of the world

Looking around me

Everything in a whirl

I can’t help but cry

And plead out to god

For what we are doing

For what the world has become

People doing things

That people shouldn’t do

You try to stop someone

But they say oh screw you

No one believes the things

That are happening everywhere

They say fake news

Or I will just say a quick prayer

Well guess what

Prayers don’t work for nothing

When god is clearly seeing

That you’re not doing something

You’re not doing anything

Anything at all

To help the world in something

So that it doesn’t break and fall

Look I’m gonna tell you

Incase you’re not informed

About the things that are occurring

But look, I have you warned.

We have a kid with mental illness

Enter in a school

Shoot up all his classmates

The staff and teachers too

We have pedophiles and rapists

Shooters and terrorists

And oh mighty Mr President

God this is hilarious

But look there is also good

People that want to do something

But we can’t stay in our seats

Waiting and just trusting

We have to do something

We have to wake up

Before the world around us

Just turns into dust

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