You said....
You said.... sad stories

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You said....

You said.... You wouldn't let go

Before you My life was just a dark tunnel Where there was No light,No hope To live

But after you, My life was a beautiful garden Full of colours, Happiness and Hope

When you held my hand I felt like I was the happiest person on the world I still remember All of our loving memories

When you used to tease me How we both spent our day in each other's arms Without caring for anything else

When i would kiss you And you couldn't stop SMILING How you hugged me Making me feel SPECIAL

Did you forget? You said You wouldn't let go You left me alone Without thinking of how i would be able to live Without you

Why did you die instead of me? I was supposed to die Why did you not let me?

Why did you hold my hand and pushed me?

I couldn't stop those tears Rolling down my cheeks And you just carressed my cheeks And told me to take care

Why did you leave me here?

When you said You wouldn't let go

Sorry darling But i can't live without you any longer

I'm coming to you Slowly my breaths will stop When i would let my pain take over me And finally I'll meet you again

All the memories of us Together come back in my head As tears roll down my eyes

I'm coming to hold you in my arms again

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