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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Dare from Nav again!


Looking at you from afar As my heart flutters You'll never know the words that my heart utters

Look at all the blossoms As they dance with the wind Don't they look awesome? I want to be with you But i don't know if my dream will come true

But then i try to remember everything Weren't you the one who tore my wing?

Whenever i get closer to you Why does my heart say stop? I look through all of my pages And i see your name on the top

Why do i feel like i'm friends with your name? Tell me Is this some kind of a game?

I try to hold your hand But i can't understand Why does my hand start to back away? There are things in my heart That i can't say

Whenever i try to say "I Love You" My heart skips a beat and says He'll leave you blue

I can't understand this all Why do i keep feeling like i'm about to fall?

What was there in my past? What happened that my past seems so vast?

I'm trying to put this puzzle together with glue

I want to know Who are You?

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