Words of my Heart
Words of my Heart sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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These are some special words for someone who I love but can't tell him.

Words of my Heart

My heart is so uneasy I'm so weak because of you I can't sleep at night Because I miss you

I know I'm right next to you But still it feels like we Are Million Miles Apart

Everyday this longing turns into T E A R S I want to tell you I want to call out my L O V E For you

But I can't say them out loud It doesn't matter how much I C R Y I guess you can't ever hear my S I D E

So that is why Everyday Only on the inside Only with my eyes

I tell you that I L O V E Y O U I tell you the Words of my HEART

You'll never know what hides Behind my S M I L E My T E A R S I cry on the inside

But you can't ever see my H E A R T That is why I tell you I Love You Only with my E Y E S

In H O P E That one day you'll Hear the


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