What is Life?
What is Life? life stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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My view of life.

What is Life?

Life is unexpected we don't know what will happen in the few moments

Life is like the sea

beautiful but also scary It's deep and it depends on us how we see it

Life is what we call it It can be PAIN It can be HAPPINESS

Life is just like a trial and we are the ones who need to solve it

If you say that you're unfortunate because You have loved and lost Then perish that thought

One who has loved truly can never lose entirely

Love comes when it pleases and goes away without warning

Accept and enjoy it while it remains but don't spend time worrying that it'll leave

Worry will never bring it back

Love is just a part of your life It's NOT The whole life

A person can live without love But not without Trust,Hope and Strength in his Own self

Life is what call it

Every person's life has troubles And it depends on us to solve them It depends on us to discover what life is

In each person's point of view it's different

But we all need to agree on is that

Life is beautiful So don't ever lose hope Your pain and troubles will one day fade away

So take a deep breath And let your mind rest

Life is beautiful It's a gift

And we need to protect it

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