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We are all same.


Look at all the palaces that they left behind The S C A R S The P A I N And The L A U G H T E R

Look at HIROSHIMA A witness of destruction that war brings Feel the freedom that they left behind You can be you and live freely

Wear the clothes you want Speak the language you like But that doesn't mean because of different languages and cultures You start criticizing one and other

They told you to live with PEACE With KINDNESS

Value people's differences Love them like they are No matter if they're brown or white They are people just like you War only brings destruction There is no peace and love in war No happiness in fighting

There's only F E A R and P A I N In war

Why look at the differences when we have so much in common?

You have a HEART Just like i do I have EYES Just like you do

We all C R Y We all have T E A R S We all can feel H A P P I N E S S and P A I N We all fall in L O V E

We all laugh at silly things So tell me why do we fight?

You can travel the whole world And you'll see Every country's people are just like You and me

They work and earn money They eat,sleep and drink They smile when they see their loved ones Just like we do

We all are united because of our PAIN and LOVE We all live under the same blue SKY We all We all BLEED HEAL

So what's the difference?

Just the Colour Language Facial Features Or Cultures And Traditions?

There are only a few differences But alot that are same in all of us

We all have a H E A R T That sometimes CRIES That sometimes SMILES

We all have F E E L I N G S

There's nothing like He's DIFFERENT

We all are the same So love each other

Don't fight What is there in war? Just pain and destruction

But with love You can win this whole world

We all are H U M A N S

And we all are B E A U T I F U L

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