Was That Your Love?
Was That Your Love? love stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Was That Your Love?

You told me you loved me Now i know it was fake You broke my heart carelessly and left without even looking back once

There was no soul in my body No life in my soul

I was only sadness When i saw you with her All the dreams we made They will never be true

After i saw you kissing her There were no dreams in my eyes My heart was filled with your lies

Just tell me how can i live my life now?

You lit my heart on fire and then threw water on it I faced so many difficulties Just to be with you And in the end you betrayed You left I suffered to have you But you just took advantage

What did you get after breaking my heart? After leaving me here covered in bruises

Why don't you just kill me? Kill the person who's already dead

BETRAYING HURTING And then LEAVING Is not what love is

How can you say it was love?

My love and your love was so different I stood up for you and You threw me in dirt

Tell me

How was that your love?

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