Time To Leave
Time To Leave hurt- stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Time To Leave

No reason remains for me to live in this world My own loved ones tell me to die I can never be good enough in their eyes

No one knows about my scars The cuts that bleed silently Tell the of my sorrow The tears that fall down my eyes Write the story of my life Speaking every word that's full of pain

If killing myself was easy Then tell me Won't i be dead by now?

Changed myself several times Just for them But still i'm not good enough Still i'm just trash I feel like my mind's about to blow But there's no one to care you know

Why will anyone like to wipe my tears? My tears are worthless Don't you know?

Why will anyone love me? When I don't even deserve any love I deserve to be in P A I N

My heart burnt! My heart burnt! It burnt to ashes! Oh God!

For years, My paths were lost Every person I met Only wished to destroy me I don't want anyone to know about my tears About my pain About my life About my death

Because No One Cares So let me be in the corner ALONE CRYING and DYING Slowly

Can you listen to my scream? My heart? I burnt! I burnt! I burnt! Dear God! And no one saw

I broke and no one cared to put me back together

Their H A T R E D Their B E T R A Y A L Their P A I N F U L W O R D S Told me Revealed to me

That It's time for me to leave this world

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