They Are Also Humans
They Are Also Humans human stories

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They are also humans!

They Are Also Humans

The ones that you call ABNORMAL Are also humans They have FEELINGS Like you

They get HURT Like you When someone degrades you You get hurt Just like that

The ones who you bully also get hurt You hurt them so much that they begin to hate themselves They commit SUICIDE And when they die They go viral

Is that how cruel our world has become? Why can't you treat them with kindness And love like you treat normal people?

If you were in their place How would you feel? When everyone is looking strangely at you When everyone degrades you You get hurt right?

You would say why can't they treat me normally?

I also have a heart The ones who you call ABNORMAL Are also HUMANS

They have a HEART They have FEELINGS

The ones who you call abnormal are not abnormal

They get HURT They feel PAIN

They are HUMANS Just like YOU ARE

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