The Wind
The Wind sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Just like the wind,We're both lost...

The Wind

When the word "Goodbye" Came out of your mouth I was half dead

How can you say goodbye? When you promised to be with me forever I hide these tears inside my heart Let the memories be erased

You just turned And walked away Never bothered to look back O N C E I live my life through tears I choose to send you away

But every time i try I get immersed in your EYES Do you have to let me go like this?

You can't see my PAIN You can't hear my SCREAMS

As you make me turn around The tears that had been locked inside my heart Starts to flow down

We're like the wind that blows around Lost our path

We're like the falling flower petal Because those who are helpless like me Can only let go of the person we love

If the day we meet again Ever comes back Please don't break my heart again

We're like the wind We're both lost

If leaving me is your happiness Then you can leave

I'm letting you go

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