The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Collab with @caffeinated!!!!

The Weeping Willow

A beautiful and heart touching collab with @caffeinated

Yet again The night peering on the outside The willow tree Unable to answer me Follows the same routine On daily basis

BLEEDING HURT In tears to soil the ground MOIST

It provides recovery The sole source of remedy Way of damage depleted Sinking deeper All it needed

I remain in contrast Thoughts not to be FINISHED Emotions not to be DIMINISHED

This has been happening repeatedly Night after night The willow and me I wonder what does it see

What experience does it have? How are we connected? Maybe by loss Like mine of you? Day and night for us to be simultaneously despaired

In the morning I looked out the window And my eyes again landed on The Weeping Willow

Why does it weep? Why all the tears? Is it also filled with fears?

Has it lost someone like i lost you? Or is it hurt by people's words too? People say Everything heals with time But I don't know What was my crime?

I look at the empty bed beside me Then again at the crying tree

Is it also trying to forget? Is it also filled with regrets? Why does it weep? Has it given up like me?

And each morning when i wake up from my sleep With the willow I begin to weep

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