The Love Story In Her Eyes
The Love Story In Her Eyes sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Please give it a read

The Love Story In Her Eyes

Look deep into her eyes Search her heart and soul She's hiding a story inside That she's too scared to speak

Have you ever wondered Why her eyes are so dull?? It's because She cried too much For the person that she LOVED

Her tears fall down Writing the painful love story On her heart She bleeds From the pain and sorrow Trying to forget the painful memories of the past

She walks past him everyday But like strangers Who don't even know each other's name He doesn't know How much she bleeds From what he did to her

She fills all the pages With T E A R S And I N K Writing down every thought Every painful word

She puts all the pages together And here it is The love story that she's never spoken of She locks the book away deep into the dark So you won't ever see or read

The love story Written in her eyes

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