The First One
The First One the first one stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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The First One

The words that are going to come out of my mouth Will hurt all the ones that i loved It's not right But they keep torturing me in my head

I was cold and they couldn't touch me But i was trying to pick up my broken pieces That were laying carelessly on the floor I was trying to heal myself Trying to forget The first one that i loved

But painfully i couldn't Painfully my heart never HEALED

This is a monologue to every single person that i loved But couldn't love them T R U L Y Couldn't give them all of M E

I'm sorry But I couldn't forget his words The way he used to hold my hand The way his scent was always surrounding me

I can't sleep at night now Because his arms don't hold me any longer

I was only with them so i can forget him But i couldn't I only felt like they were him when i closed my eyes But when i opened them He was never there

I already gave him all of me I loved him with my whole heart and soul So Tell Me

When a person loves the first one this passionately and gives that person every single bit of himself

Then what's left to give to another lover?

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