That Much
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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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That Much

Do you know what it feels like When a thousand thoughts pass through your lungs And make your heart ache

I know how it feels I can't breathe for at least a few seconds It dries up my throat so much I can't even speak I never knew that

My heart breaks down this easily I try and tell myself everyday To let you go But I'm always stuck on you

All your lies And your empty seat beside me I'm still hoping you'll come back Everyday

My heart melts and becomes tears I hold them back I can't let them fall But from the tip of my eyelashes

Just one tear drop falls

You broke my heart this easily I always try to forget you But I can't

Have you already forgotten me?

I just wish my voice remains in your ears Before it fades away All the times I had spent with you All the dreams I have dreamt of you

I just hope they come back

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