Sure I'll Forget You
Sure I'll Forget You sad stories

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A beautiful collab

Sure I'll Forget You

A collab with my brother Nav

I Will Forget You I had loved you enough Now it’s getting tough We had some up’s but it never remain on tops Was so reckless to ever see this works I know how this feeling sucks Am growing out of lucks and been avoiding you with a lot of bulks

Just like a tear you fell down my eyes I couldn't hold you back

Don't look at me with those eyes This heart of mine has no voice anymore

I can't love you now

I been acting like clown I am frown and bound There’s nothing on the lounge You left me to bounce Am done with your sound Now I will spare you the rounds

You had never known me enough to see we were in LOVE

My wound neither bleeds nor recovers, the one who leaves always forget the one who stays burn

Who was in your mind when you looked at me?

You'd see her with those eyes too and then lie I didn't tell you to go I was all yours

You always focus on the details don’t you? I never imagined you in others shoo I meant what I said. You are the wildest dream that I could ever take. Never felt the need to fake. But you can put me all of your blames. I been true for all time sake. But you keep on baking all the lies & can’t take any more make.

The shattered face i see in the mirror Believe me it doesn't seem familiar to me

I'm used to feel pain in every breath

So darling we are done with the blame game We know we’re never same So let’s try thing different Let’s end this tame and you be your own gem. This may sound lame, but it has driven me insane. So go out & play your own game.

Cause believe me darling I am done loving you & I will forget you soon…

I don't care if moon reflected on sea New flowers bloomed what are they to me?

My pain,my love why do you care about them?

Someone else held his hands Why do i care?

A stranger stared in his eyes why do i care?

I'll forget you Don't think that i'll be back

You're dead to me now

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