Sometimes sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Whenever my eyes land on you My heart A C H E S What should i do with my heart?

The more i try to get closer to you The further you get

Looking at you from behind is too painful for me Everyday I tell my heart It's alright

But when it doesn't listen to me When it's too hard for me to keep my pain in

Sometimes I quietly cry Sometimes I think of you

Like a fool I stand alone on this road Where we used to walk on together

Calling out your name Again and again Hoping that you'll hear

My heart keeps longing for you What should i do with it?

The more i try to erase you The clearer you get

Trying to forget you is Painful for me I miss you EVERY MOMENT

When my feelings well up inside my heart I quietly cry I think of you

Sometimes I call your name In all the painful times I think of your face

When your memories that are as sad as my tears Fall Down My Heart Sometimes I quietly cry

After you left I always stand here on this road A L O N E

Looking back at where you left me Hoping you'll come back to me

I said I'll forget you but

Sometimes I wait for you Sometimes I love you again

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