Seraphic Pearls
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Thanks to nav for inspiration for this

Seraphic Pearls

The burden of sadness on your shoulders The burden of the things that people say Take that burden off your shoulders And come sit beside me

I know what you feel I know that you are hurt But when a person breaks Healing is on its way So don't say you won't heal Because you will

All your broken pieces will be together again I will stitch them together for you

You must have met a monster who tore your heart into PIECES Or you must have lost someone who was the closest to your HEART Or you must have been bleeding from the cruel things that people say

But now You don't need to worry You're not alone I'm with you

So let me tell you something A truth no one has ever told you A truth about you You never saw in the mirror That truth is

You are a PEARL You are rare,one of a kind You have so much BEAUTY That lives in the deepest part of your heart

Just like pearls are at the deepest part in the OCEAN I found you when I reached the deepest part in your heart

I have seen your PAIN Your every SCAR The little voices in your head that tear your heart APART

You hold much more beauty than a PEARL You have seen much more pain than any human could You are as pure and beautiful as an ANGEL

You hold the beauty of the whole UNIVERSE in your heart

Who says you're not beautiful You're the most beautiful girl alive

Don't let them break your heart By all of their LIES Just look within yourself And you'll find the truth


You are the beauty The beauty that lives within your HEART You are UNIQUE

An angel sent from heaven No one in this world will find someone as kind as you As beautiful as you

The truth that people don't tell you is that

You are a S E R A P H I C P E A R L

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