Promise Of Love
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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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So here is another post about love

Promise Of Love

We gave each other SWEET LOVE The happy memories and sweet CONVERSATIONS

Like a Pillowcase Your smile covers me

My heart beats so fast When I hear your NAME You make me feel like I can fight the whole world ALONE

Just To Keep You Safe When I sleep I'm always smiling

Because I see you in my DREAMS Now I don't care If the whole world is against me I only need you and Your SUPPORT

You told me that You missed love Don't worry now

I will give you so much love That you won't even know where to keep it

I will sing lullabies for you to make you sleep I will give you Soft and gentle kisses Filled with love While you are sleeping

I will hold you So close to me Whenever you feel PAIN

If you get hurt I will cry with you I will do anything To bring back your SMILE

I will never leave you My heart is already YOURS

It's so hard for me When I don't talk to you I feel like my time just stopped And I am frozen

Today I will make a promise with you A promise full of L O V E

That I will always love and take care of you

Even if you don't anymore

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