Pitch Black
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Pitch Black

Am I that bad? That I don't deserve a single word of kindness and love The heart that used to be red And slowly turning B L A C K Now

It keeps raining on me I'm cold but nevermind You don't even see that

They didn't teach me How to love myself But just taught How to hate myself

My tears are falling down From the tip of my eyelashes On this paper That I'm writing on

They are tearing me apart One by one As I beg them to stop But like always They don't

My pains are hidden behind My S M I L E My scars are hidden behind my C L O T H E S

My dead soul is hidden behind my B O D Y

I wonder who I truly am? Am I the one when I'm with people? Or the one alone at night?

Slowly forgetting everything about myself They didn't have a bit of mercy on me

I'm pitch black now Just like a night without stars Like a night without the moon

I'm pitch black now Just like that dark tunnel in my mind

I'm pitch black now I'm no longer a human now But a stone Whose heart is beating slow And everyone thinks she's D E A D

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