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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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A dare from Nav


There it was In the middle of that room The piano

That he used to play

When my eyes land on it I remember the songs he used to sing The way he tried to teach me How to play it

He used to take my hand And hold them tight While helping me play the piano My heart would beat so fast When i felt his breath on my neck

But now i sit here alone Trying to play the melody he used to play Tears start to fall As i play the song he loved Singing every lyric that used to make him smile

Why did you leave telling me you'll come back? Leaving his darling behind

Come back and see Now i can play the piano I'm protecting it for you I miss you alot

I sing your favourite song everyday I play the song you used to tease me with Can't you listen?

Remember i love you alot

The piano is the witness This piano knows how sad the tears are that fall on it everyday

I long for you so much So does this piano

Please come back

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