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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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My Love

I always loved you because you seemed like my love The one whom i can fall deeply in love with The one whom i can love FREELY

Just like wind I can't see you But i can still feel your beautiful smile And your beautiful laugh I will send you my love through wind So don't say we're not close

I'm as close to you as your heart is I live in your eyes Just feel me in your heart And you'll find me You'll feel my love

Promise that you'll always hold onto me Even when i'm on the edge of falling down Please be my strength And hold me tight

I'm really happy Because i'm beside you in my dreams I know you have the most beautiful smile and laugh Even though i've never seen it

If only you could see my heart You'll know how much i love you

I gave you All of my heart Now please don't break it

I am so thankful to you That you are always by my side Because you are by my side I don't fear anything

I want to use my last love for you I would be so grateful If you were my one and only destiny

Always remember I love you

I Love You

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