My Confession
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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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My Confession

The words can't describe how much i love you My love for you is UNLIMITED

A laugh or thought without reason Is it similar to LOVE?

Don't you know my heart wants to be with you Don't ever cry I hope that you won't ever be sad

Now i understand LOVE

Forever fly together with me All day All life Am i not in your heart? Doesn't your heart want to hold me?

I will become the WIND So that i can hug you So i'll always be beside you

I will become the MOONLIGHT So that i can shine brightly I will go wherever you are And give you light

"I love you alot" I confess to you With all my strength Do you hear my words darling?

Just like the sun rises and sets Loving you Is so natural to me I am a fool Who only looks at you For me You are the only one

When you are LONELY TIRED And on the verge of CRUMBLING

I will protect you I will always be by your side So that you can LAUGH

"I love you Darling"

Do you hear my confession For you?

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