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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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A dare from Nav


There is only one me in this world No one else can take this place It belongs to me only

Why will i want to be someone else? When i can be me You can't be me So i have to know my worth

I am beautiful just the way i am

I will never pretend to be someone else I will never want to be someone else

Because i love me

No matter how much you criticize me I will never stop being me

No matter how much you hurt me and kick me down I will stand up again and look straight up

I don't care if they say i won't be who i want to be I will cover my ears so i won't hear

I will spread love everywhere Even if they hate me

I am unique Because i am me

I know my worth I will be who i want to be

I am ME Nothing less and nothing more

And i love me

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