LOVE Collab with Elijah!

Collab with Elijah! love stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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My dare from Nav!

LOVE Collab with Elijah!

I've never felt like this before I think your the first one to show me love And I kinda like the fact

I liked you for a year And I kinda get protective But my feelings are locked inside me That's why I never said anything about it

When you said you got in a relationship I didn't feel right I didn't know what to call it You were a nice person and I felt like I was being greedy

Feelings are strong for you but I don't really feel all the feelings you feel Sometimes I wish I could tell you how horrible my whole life has been but I didn't want you to be stressted

So I kept it to myself I don't want you to know what's happening everyday and night Cuz I love you very much

The way you are protective about me makes me feel like i'm a special person

It it's you i can just put myself in your hands You can do whatever you want Now i am yours

Whenever i talk to you all my problems seem to become lighter If i was ever reborn i will search the whole world for you because my heart is for you and only you

Thank you for being the way you are

I love you

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