Let Go (My Painful Love Part 13)
Let Go

(My Painful Love Part 13) sad stories
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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Part 13! I will let him go

Let Go (My Painful Love Part 13)

When you love someone with all your heart And They Don't Care

They tell you to let them go And you say "Okay" But in the deepest part of your heart You still love them Like i love him

Each day i tell myself To be strong To not breakdown in front of him It takes all my strength To not let any tear fall from my eyes

But the longer i love him The more i hate myself And if i stay any longer I'll end up being disgusted by myself So all i can do is leave

He has already forgotten me So why do i keep him in my heart? Now i'll let him go I'll let him go truly

Now even if he begs me to come back I Won't Because he has hurted me enough Now i can't bear more

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