I'll listen to your story
I'll listen to your story pain stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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You're not alone.

I'll listen to your story

I know how hurt you are I hear the words in your head that hurt you I know the pain in your heart that you think no one sees

A song that i sing for you with all my heart When you think you're alone When suddenly tears come out of your eyes

When you feel that no one is next to you When you feel like you're going to cry Remember you're not ALONE

No matter how much the world is hurting you Please don't cry when you're feeling alone or sad

I'll hug you tight without saying anything I'll be your shoulder so that you can know you're not alone

I'll listen to what you have to say I'll listen to your story Whenever you'll look back I'll always be here I am always behind you

I'll wipe off all the tears you shed I'll wipe off the loneliness you feel In the nights when sleep doesn't come In the empty room where there is no one to hear your story I'll be there with you

I'll hold you and listen to your heart When difficult things come to you When you feel like you're standing alone in the rain When you feel burdened

Just like heavy rain when you're soaked And you have no place to avoid the rain No matter how much they hurt you

Remember you're not A L O N E

I'll listen to your heart

I'll listen to your story

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