I'll Be Fine (My Painful Love Part 14)
I'll Be Fine

(My Painful Love Part 14) sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Part 14

I'll Be Fine (My Painful Love Part 14)

When i see you again I'll just close my eyes So i can't see you Even though it'll hurt I'll hold back the tears Don't worry

Just go and leave I'm used to seeing your back You've already gone so far I can only look at you

But why do i want to run to you? Can't you look back just once?

I know our ending is decided I know this is goodbye Then why am i like this?

If you ever walk on the same road as me I'll turn my head away So your memories won't come back to me Even though it'll hurt I'll let you go So don't worry

Why am i even saying this? You don't care about me anyway Just Leave I'm used to it You've gone way too far You're out of my reach I can only look up at the sky to see you

Now i won't call out your name This is GOODBYE And i know it's decided I'm used to look at you leaving I'm used to see your back

So leave I'll be fine

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