I Will Still Love You
I Will Still Love You sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Someday that day will come when we both will be on our separate ways

I Will Still Love You

I know someday You'll have to leave Someday I'll have to let go I'm scared of that day But i still know it will come And when that day comes

I'll just look at you like a fool Leaving me behind I won't utter a word I won't tell you to stay I'll just let the tears fall Let my tears write my story again

If someday You won't be yourself If you change And you leave me in this love alone I will still love you If someday our paths are separate

I will still love you

I will love you as long as the sun shines

Someday you'll leave Someday i'll have to let go But till then just remember I love you and always will

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