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Collab with @sthanav

Two years ago When we met each other Was that the time when you fell in love with me? Or was it when i first smiled at you?

The thing is you loved me And i couldn't see I was in love with someone Who played me like a game And i'm the one to blame

You loved me but i was blind In his love but you were still kind I'm a demon,a monster I'm sorry for causing you pain The cuts on your wrist They were because of me right?

You hurted yourself because of me right?

I've caused you so much pain My tears keep falling like rain I never knew you loved me Until my friend told me But at that time I was blind I was in love with a monster who kept me blind

Do you still love me? It's ok if you don't I deserve to be hated Not loved But if you still do I just want to say

Just please stay I'm crying like a freak in the shower Whenever i remember you my lover I'm sorry Please forgive me my unknown lover

It's ok if you hate me and you want to leave That's what i deserve I deserve to be in pain I stare out of my window pane

Should i live or should i die? Because i've made you cry

If i leave this world soon Just look at the moon But i still have something to say I hope that makes you stay I know it's late But still

"I Love You"

Now i'm running out of space I'm slowly disappearing from this place I'm leaving this world

But remember i left my love for you I wish you all the love I wish you all the best wishes Now i'm leaving Please don't cry

I want to say this one last time "I Love You" Goodbye my unknown lover

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