"I LOVE YOU"-2 sad stories
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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Written by my lovely big brother Nav!Pls read it!☺


It wasn't the time I used to be on line It's sad you missed that splash

You helped me with those maths I know you from the last till the death aparts We played when we're young You used to be my wife and we had a son.

Things grew dark we left the spark I was out till the time other mark the south I had my doubts but it never got out

The Next Day I saw, someone's holding your claw It dripped my vain & brought me insane

Had seen his worse but you passed on my thoughts Yeah, you were bind, he was playing with your mind These aren't the cuts these are the bruises of your heart

He left and came Kept you pushing on his game

Had seen you cry Wanted to roast him as fries You guys were close So I burried my thoughts He tossed you down you left your crown Had to buckle up to show where you're stuck

You needed a friend to unbind the Game I had my luck, you knew you're stuck You acted with time & drenched him out of your mind Now we're fine & this is our time.

I will always be here for you to care You know it right cause you're my sunlight I thank your friend who saw my love beyond your pain

I lost you once not gonna take another chance I love you more and it's from the core Hold me put cause I lost my boot Will take a vow you're my forever soul that am gonna draw

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