I Accept
I Accept sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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All i can do is accept.There is nothing more i can do.

I Accept

Here you go Saying you never loved me It's okay,I will accept it That is what i can do The only thing i do

Every time you leave And i'm scared that this time You won't come back I'll just act along in your performance Play in your game

I accept that you don't remember me And i also don't remember you We are complete strangers The one whom i knew everything about Is now just a stranger

I accept that your hands Never broke my heart

If you want to make me cry If you want to take away my sleep Then i will give it to you happily I will not even say "Ah"

But if you snatch my dreams Then tell me how will i live? The dreams where i can meet you Are keeping me alive If you also take them away Then i will die

I accept that i was the one who hurted you I was the one who left? I accept that i don't remember you Even if i'm dieing inside

I'll just take all your blame I'll accept everything So you won't cry

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