His Wistful Smile
His Wistful Smile sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Pls read it!Amazing collab with @dak_s0ul
He is amazing and very talented!

His Wistful Smile

A beautiful and amazing collab with @dak_s0ul

The half-read book he could never FINISH Lying in front of him but alas he forgot the BOOKMARK

All he remembers was TORN BURNT And stained pages until he read No TAPE GLUE Or cleaner could ever repair them

He looked at her As he wanted them to be together But she was with someone else Happy and living her life

He never took another step to her He just stayed there and wept But today something had changed He no longer wept He remembered what he did with her

How much he hurted her And she never left

She flooded him with LOVE Found comfort in his arms But he never seemed to CARE

All he gave her was PAIN and DESPAIR

But now when he sees her With someone who loves her He regrets hurting her

Now that she's no longer with him to recite the stories of LOVE

He cries Hugging the pillow Apologizing every day and night

She was now reciting the stories to her new reader A reader who seemed to always adore her Something he could never do

He now wanted her BACK But no rights he any longer HAD

All he did flashed in his mind Could he ever keep her this happy? But he badly missed her All the time

Millions of thoughts raced his mind

But today there was no regret on his face And not even a single tear he wept Today i saw something new Today i saw his wistful smile

And my heart started to cry Because of how much pain there was in his smile He didn't let a tear fall When she was getting married

He stopped Gazed at her angel with BURNT FEATHERS Smiled and Walked away

But i know his heart was crying But still He just kept his wistful smile whenever he saw her I don't know where he is now But i still remember


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