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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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What i think a hero is.


Hero? What's the true meaning of Hero?

To many of us A hero is a person who saves other people

But to me A hero is a person who saves not only other people but his own self too

A hero is a person who never gives up A hero always stays strong No matter what happens No matter how hurting the situation is A hero never gives up

Anyone can be a hero You can be your own hero By never giving up

A hero knows that failure is an answer but Giving up isn't A hero knows that failure teaches a person something But giving up doesn't

Every one has problems Some people give up but true heroes never do A true hero knows that if they keep trying then someday they will feel success Someday they will achieve what they wanted to achieve

Giving up doesm't give a person anything Crying and regretting is just a waste of time

Instead of crying We should think about ways of how to solve our problems How to achieve what we want

A true hero values his own self He knows who he is And what he can do

Know about the relationship you have with your own self

Instead if posting those status of you with your friends Who God knows if they are your real friends or not

Post a status of you and your relation with yourself

Try to understand who you are Love yourself even your every flaw Love it!

That's you Your every flaw and Your every perfection Is YOU

So value yourself We all are heroes And true heroes never give up And you won't ever give up too

Keep trying And one day you'll achieve what you want One day, You'll know who you are

So remember You are a HERO

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