Her In Me
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Her In Me

It's not your fault that i'm in pain That i'm breaking into pieces Maybe it's my fault That i trusted you with all my heart And loved you more than my own self

Without realizing what you really wanted I can't blame you For all this pain Because somewhere deep in your heart You Were Also Breaking

I can't say You were betraying me Because you were betraying yourself Trying to forget the one you loved The one that Betrayed your heart

I gave you all the love Never knowing that your affection was not for me You were only trying to find her in me

You used to smile at me While thinking of her Wiped my tears while thinking She was in front of you

Oh you don't even know how much it hurted me When you called me By her name

But still i couldn't leave you alone Because if i did Who would love you?

Even though you only loved her in me It was enough But now that you finally found her You don't need me

You loved someone who is really beautiful And i know she will take care of you alot But too sad

There was still a fire burning within me Of you coming and leaving me It was the time For my body and soul to be scattered in a million pieces For my breaths to stop

My love I wish you both always stay happy together I will just think of you and smile And sometimes cry Realizing you only loved her

You told me You saw her in me But said that you love me But i understood it was a lie It's true that You only loved her in me

Without realizing She was never in me You loved me Thinking she will be just like me But painfully She was not You only loved her image Only loved the thought of her in me

But you neither loved her Nor Me

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