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For My Brother

You are always by my side The one whom i can always count on Someone who always helps me when I'm in trouble

The one who never fails to make me SMILE

The one who always has an extra chocolate for me

You always tell me to stay strong I tell you about all my troubles And you always help me to solve them

I always wanted an older brother And now i have one

I know i tease you alot And you also do But still You don't even know how much i care for you

The one who always gives the best advice I don't even know what i'd do without you

The one who gives the most dangerous dares That always get me in trouble

The only one who has seen my weird and crazy side But still loves me alot

You mean the world to me

The one who can't see Even a single tear in my eyes The one who can't see me in pain And for sure kill the person who'll hurt me

He is very caring and kind And also very smart

Oh i forgot he is also very cute

Someone whom i can share my secrets with without any worries

The one who will never let me fall And also a very important thing

He is only 12 years old so don't believe him when he says He is 23

He is more stubborn than me But still is my Lovely Brother

He is a part of my FAMILY He worries about me more than my parents do

The one on whom i wrote the essay "My Favourite Personality" That my teacher loved a lot

He is really special to me I care for him alot

I love you a lot brother

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