Each other's TEARS
Each other's TEARS sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Each other's TEARS

Please don't look at me with sad eyes I feel your ACHING HEART

If you will not tell me about your troubles Then i feel like i'm being being TORTURED It gives me tears What do i do?

I'm afraid that my tears will hurt you So i always hide them behind my SMILE

I'm afraid that if you'll leave me I'll always be longing for you No matter how much you hurt me I can't let you go

You and I We became each other's TEARS And also each other's DREAMS

There is a small window in my HEART That is filled with SAD LONGING

In my every dream I see you I can't say goodbye to you Because my heart tells me NO

We became each other's TEARS But remember We were the one who made each other SMILE

The only person To wipe my TEARS To hold my HEART Is YOU

You're my TEARS And my SMILE So please don't go

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