DESTROYED ME hurt- stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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I thought you loved me I thought we will never be apart But it was just my THOUGHT

You took the soul out of my body Now tell me What's in this body?

It's only the cover of the SOUL

The pain i feel every day Tell me What's in this pain?

It's only the search for LOVE

My desire of love has Destroyed me I'm defeated in all the ways

What a beautiful SMILE You have It destroyed my LIFE and HEART

I never did anything wrong to deserve your punishment The punishment you gave Destroyed my life And made me BURN

Wow! You separated me from my life In such a PAINFUL WAY

Where should i wander looking for you?

Your desires destroyed me And my H E A R T The punishment you gave

Made the Fidelity INFIDEL

It's the second time you destroyed me and my heart in this way

I gave you too many chances to Destroy me

Tell me where should i search for you?

I want to be There where you are my cover only There where I have to search for you only

I want to be There where my hope ends on you only

There starts my LIFE And ends here WANDERING And SEARCHING

For you ONLY

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