Dark sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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A dare from Nav


As i close my eyes I felt like i was drowning in darkness

As i heard those voices I felt like there was nothing to live for anymore

The way it was pulling me in Was making it hard for me to breathe

As i remembered that memory That haunted me as a child

Those closed doors and windows That were making me scream

Their laughter Their eyes That were enjoying while seeing me in pain

The thunder that was making my heart beat even faster The lightning that was making me tear up

They didm't care that i was little They didn't care that i was only six

They just locked me in that room With closed doors and windows Letting me sink in the darkness

That's the reason I'm scared if darkness and thunder Because it makes it hard for me to breathe It scares me to death and makes me shiver

But whenever i find myself in the dark No one is there to hold me

So i just sit in the corner And let the darkness take me in

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