Champion (My Painful Love Part 10)

(My Painful Love Part 10) sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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My painful love part 10

Champion (My Painful Love Part 10)

You chose the sweetest words For me to fall in love with you But why did you choose the most cruelest actions to BREAK My heart into PIECES

You're the only one that i had But you had everyone Cheering for you I was just an embarrassment That's what you said In front of everyone

I had tears in my eyes And you called me a LOSER It hurts to see you It even hurts to hear your NAME

I'm all alone in this painful love If someday i'll have to go back I'll walk alone there And i feel so sad because of it Look at you now Pretending that you don't even know me

The day when you were by my side Now you don't know Even if i cry out loud You just look away Are you deaf? Can't you hear the sound of my heart?

I walk on this road alone And it's painful for me You've won Now can you listen to my heart?

I don't know why You are so close yet so far Maybe it's because I'm a loser And you are a champion

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