Can We?
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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Loved so much that now it hurts.

Can We?

I know it's hard For me it's hard too I know it's painful But it is what's best for you I don't want you to be hurt just because of me

I can't see you in pain I can't you crying All because of Me

Sure it's true The day you came in my life Was the most Beautiful

How your smile made me fall in love with you

I couldn't get you off my mind You used to come in my dreams And i was so happy It all seemed real

And when you held my hand Everything was so Bright So colourful

I used to be so nervous when you came close to me But my love Now you're the most closest to me

Everything was more beautiful when i held you in my arms When you felt comfort just by being by my side

I was the happiest person on earth When i was next to you When i was able to call you mine When you were truly mine Only Mine

I gave all of me To You Gave my all To stay together With You Tried my best For Us

Changed Myself Sacrificed All of my happiness So i could see you Happy

But all this matters Nothing To You And It Breaks Me S l o w l y

When i was with you my love I started to become GREEDY I wanted to share my whole life with you I wanted to grow old with Y O U

But you never wished the same

That one day

That one day When i ran to you and wanted to hold you

That one day When i ran to you and wanted to hold you But you stepped away I was so confused

And when i touched your face I knew You are not the one I loved with all of my HEART

You looked in my eyes And said

"Can we surrender?Let's go our separate ways,Let me go"

That smile I was wearing on my face Tears stole it And Disappeared

I asked you "Why?"

And what you replied Took away all of my Happiness

"I can't do this anymore, I can't give you all of me! You need to let me go! I can't be with you any longer! I'm sorry,"

Do you know It was so difficult for me To hold back my tears

I wanted to be happy for once

But that made you sad again

You started crying like the rain

And i couldn't see you like that So I Started Taking Little Steps Back I didn't turn my back towards YOU

In case You call my name again

Tears were falling down my eyes Helplessly And when i took a few steps back I looked in your eyes

And smiled for once

"If that's what makes you happy Here i surrender."

I was killing myself

I was letting you Kill me

All because i loved you truly

Do you remember You said I wouldn't let go? Did you Forget it?

But still My darling I forgive you

And when you turned your back I felt like an arrow just got through my body

My heart was B L E E D I N G

Please Forget me And Move on

Don't ever think of me again But i won't be able to forget How my heart used to flutter When you held my hand

My tears were not coming to an end

The arrow that got through my HEART It made me bleed Non-Stop For once i said

"Can we stay like this for a while So i could be used to be far away from you?"

But you just turned your back And left

I fell to the ground

On my kness

And slowly

I died

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