Caged cage stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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This is a story about a girl Who was caged into the Unknown

The closed doors were scratched on her back She was caged into an empty cabin Which was locked and hidden

She was like going to the darkness She was all wrapped up in pain and sorrow Like she doesn't exist anymore

The dreams she wanted to achieve Were only a few incorrect sentences Which were scribbled Aimlessly

She was putting an end to her life

She had an old piano in that cabin She had an old guitar on her back

With whom she wrote songs about her life

Her wings were ready to fly But the darknened sky Took her into The darkness again

On every rainy sunday She had castles made of sand In which she collected All of her hope

But the heavy rain Drenched her hope and VANISHED

She had no power to get up now And open the doors

The broken mirrors that were always on her side Whenever she tried to touch them

She bled

The songs she wrote also fell down to the ground at her side She listened to them One Last Time

With a jacket on her Which was from that rainy sunday

The jacket was drenched in rain

Without complaining She took that jacket in an accepting way

She was withdrawing From her life From now on

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