BREATHE depression stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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I'm here for everyone if you ever need to talk I'm here.


You feel like you're SINKING Even when you are not under water You feel like you're sinking in your PAIN

The awful things they say to you Their words make your heart SCREAM That won't let you SLEEP

I know you are hurt I know what you feel Even if I don't know you I know how you feel But the wounds will heal

Just breathe And let it all out

Breathe Until there is nothing left in your heart

Breathe Until your heart stops hurting

Cry all you want No one will blame you All humans need to cry

And I'm here for you I will never leave you You can lean on me I will be your shoulder Whenever you need to cry

Take all the time you need No one will blame you You need to heal So whenever you feel tired

Breathe And let it all out

Just breathe And I will be there

Ready with my arms open To hold you

All you have to do is B R E A T H E

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