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aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Everything around us is a blessing for all of us

From that little crystal of sugar to the biggest wonders of this world

The land,the earth that we live on is a blessing We don't only have our homes on it but The food that we eat grows in it All the beautiful flowers and trees grow in this dirt

The different Cultures Traditions And Colours Are a Blessing

Imagine how boring it would be If everyone and everything would be exactly the same

The sun is a blessing that gives us warmth The moon and stars are blessings that light up the way for the ones Lost in the darkness

Every little thing is a blessing A wedding ring Or A necklace given by your love

A bracelet gifted by your best friend A kiss given on the forehead by your mother Or a hug from your father

Now a days We don't really care for these things as much as we should There is so much in this world to be grateful for

Realize these little things Give them importance And they will bring you happiness in your life

Your life and your health is a blessing

So each morning when you wake up Be grateful for everything

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